Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rapid Fire Reviews (#23-27) which snow keeps me inside all day...

As most of you in the US know, we're currently in a time of crisis. This, is SNOWMAGEDDON.

Well, it's not nearly that bad, but I've been snowed in for the last few days (if only due to our city's lack of snow-clearing knowledge). In the meantime, here are some movies that I've been watching to pass the time.

            Source: Netflix Instant - Whim
            Released: 2007
            MPAA Rating: R
            Running Time: 88 min
            My Rating: 2/5
            Comments: There was something about this martial arts crime thriller that failed to grab me. The plot was, especially for the second act, tiresome, slow, and formulaic. Aside from two excellent fight sequences (during the opening and climax of the movie) featuring Donnie Yen, the movie was very forgettable.

            Source: Netflix Instant - Whim
            Released: 2002
            MPAA Rating: R
            Running Time: 117 min
            My Rating: 3/5
            Comments: This movie, aside from excellent direction from Guillermo Del Toro and his imaginative visual style, fell prey to an overcomplicated plot and an overabundance of contrived moments. The story follows the basic, and slightly tired, formula of, “hero must align with former villains to conquer a greater threat,” that so many sequels get bogged down with. The first act of the film shines with originality while re-introducing the old characters and unveiling their common threat, but quickly turns into a flashy action movie with little new to bring to the table.   

            Source: Netflix Instant - Random
            Released: 1986
            MPAA Rating: PG
            Running Time: 118
            My Rating: 3/5
            Comments: This movie, in which the crew of the Enterprise, onboard a stolen Klingon bird of prey, travel back in time to the 1980s, so that they can abduct two blue whales, in order to communicate with a renegade space-cylinder and save the Earth. This film is just as silly as the plot would suggest. It’s much less hard science fiction, than it is wacky romp through a fish (or, dare I say, whale?) out of water story. Plot holes abound, but if you don’t care about that, or if you only came for the “nookular wessels,” you might enjoy it. Otherwise, go watch Wrath of Khan again.

            Source: DVD - Owned
            Released: 2010
            MPAA Rating: PG-13
            Running Time: 148 min
            My Rating: 5/5
            Comments: Without a doubt, my favorite movie from 2010. Christopher Nolan’s exciting delve into the world of dreams is one of the best new concepts introduced into film since The Matrix. The film is imaginative, complex, and incredibly stylish. Leo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon Levitt lead the cast with spot-on performances and prove that they are two of the best modern leading men.

            Source: Netflix Instant - Whim
            Released: 1989
            MPAA Rating: PG
            Running Time: 107 min
            My Rating: 2.5/5
            Comments: While this is definitely the worst in the Original Series run of Star Trek films, it’s not an irredeemable movie. It’s just, misguided. Most of the ideas are interesting and film-worthy, but there’s an underlying lack of basic film-sense (partially, in my opinion, because of Shatner directing). It’s not a good movie, but it’s still one that you should watch if you’re making your way through the movie series.

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