Sunday, February 6, 2011

From the Sketchbook

...oh dear, not another one of these...

That's right, dear readers, since I've been so utterly bored this last week (snowfall keeping me inside), I haven't had anything blog-worthy to post. Instead, I've been watching countless hours of old shows on Netflix and generally being a layabout.

But that's about to change! Well, no, not really. Here are some sketches, though.

 Our favorite Skeptic/Believer duo, Mulder and Skully!

I'm a big fan of Fringe, and so I thought I'd check up on the series that pioneered the genre of paranormal investigation (not you, Ghost Hunters). It's still an incredibly entertaining show, if a bit predictable. 
Evil Carl Sagan, striking from his hidden Fortress of the Imagination

An all-day Cosmos marathon is also a really great way to spend thirteen hours of your life. Despite being made in the late 80s, the scientific insights and information are still incredibly relevant. This show was great at being at the cutting edge of science, and remains one of the most imaginative and moving science programs ever made.

[Cosmos on Hulu]

The incredibly prolific, Cinema Snob!

Finally, the Cinema Snob. One of my favorite reviewers on That Guy with the Glasses, he takes on the very worst of classic [insert any genre]-sploitation films. In addition to that, his blog is updated extremely quickly with new content. I could only dream of being so busy here.

[Note: I guess this is a decent sketch, but really doesn't capture the Snob well. It wasn't until I finished and stepped back that I realized that the beard is too full and his forehead too small. Oh well, that's why you don't pay me the big bucks.]

In closing: the snow is beginning to melt, and soon I'll be back to my jet-setting life of adventure. In the meantime, I'll continue to be extremely boring. Good luck all, especially to those who are more snowed in than I.

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