About the Blog

Current Projects

Most interested in movie, book, and television reviews. Sometimes I'll post some of my own art, but that comes sporadically, as does inspiration. Otherwise you can expect to read philosophy, vegan recipes, or other drivel that I find interesting.

Current Blog Projects

  • Rapid Fire Reviews - I'm tackling a challenge to watch and review 200 films this year. 
  • Lessons in Film - Using terrible films as examples, I show exactly where they go wrong.
  • Minecrafty - Funny, painful, or unique snapshots of life from a Minecraftian perspective.
  • First Impressions - Catch-all reviews for anything and everything I find interesting.
  • From the Sketchbook - A place to post my (sometimes terrible, sometimes funny) art.
  • Regular Ordinary Vegan Mealtime - What do vegans eat on a daily basis? Answers inside.

Upcoming/Proposed Projects

  • Character Study - The strength of a character can be shown by how much you can describe about them without resorting to specifics.
  • Write Ways and Wrong - Sometimes bad writing goes unnoticed. I'm here to change that.


This blog has been around for quite a while. Originally, I began by spouting my annoying philosophies and short fictional vomit onto the internet. However, as I grew and matured as an individual, my content followed suit. I've had two other blogs, one on Vegan Cycling and the other, a very short-lived blog on Dungeons and Dragons, but neither seemed to work. Outlasting them both, however, was this one. In its time, the Existential Beatnik has always been somewhat of a sister-blog. And until now, it was always resigned to exist in the shadow of something greater. But not anymore.  Let's see how the blemishes look under the spotlight.

But really, this blog is me. As my priorities and attitudes have changes over the years, so has the blog. My psyche is painted all over the posts, in chronological order, but I haven't the courage to analyze it. The blog is what it is, what I am, and I hope you enjoy it.

Contact Me

If you feel the need to get in touch with me, or if you'd like to suggest something for me to cover on the blog, you can find me at:

Beatnik307 at gmail dot com 

Obviously I'm not going to write out my email in a spammer-identifiable way, but if you're smarter than a bot, you'll be able to figure it out. Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.