Saturday, January 6, 2007

Trouble at Santiago Point - VII

Part VII - Trouble at the Outer Space Robot Race

Skipping through the forest had always been a hobby of his, the smells and sights and sounds gently threatening to overpower the young nymph with their beauty. He'd come this way many times before, but on this particular day something caught his eye.

Sitting against a tree with wide-brimmed hat pulled over his face, a strange man slept. He seemed to be clad entirely in leather, as if such an atrocity were possible, and even the man's skin had taken on a tanned and roughened look which matched his hat and boots.

After a long period of careful deliberation he concluded that there was nothing left to do but say hello.

Approaching with the greatest of care, without breaking a single twig or rumpling a single leaf, he found himself standing over the strange character. He reached out his hand, blinked, and found that in the space of that instant, the metal device which had once been attached to the stranger's belt was now positioned squarely at his own face.

"Hello there, friend!" he announced happily, and when this recieved no response, he ventured, "I am Alonso, the happy, joyful, and gay nymph of this forest!"

The man tilted the hat back onto his head, revealing an eyepatch and a face which seemed to be molded into a perpetual scowl. After several silent moments, he lowered the device and stood to leave.

"Well, you're not very gay at all, are you?" he called after the departing figure, "Perhaps with my help I could persuade you! We could be gay together!"

A tremendous gunshot rocked the once silent forest, the metallic taste of blood filled Alonso's mouth, and he knew that it was his end.

El Fin?