Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nerdy Valentine's Day

...or why, if I didn't already have a girlfriend, I'd be forever alone...

We had a fun time yesterday, despite celebrating Valentine's day one day late (due to our pesky Monday schedules). Surprisingly enough, the night turned out to be a Battlestar Galactica themed event (maybe not so surprising, we finished the series on netflix yesterday). The show inspired this eight-sided card.

I was going to use a scantily clad Tricia Helfer card, but felt that it might not be appropriate.

I know. It's great. I love puns too. The dinner duties were delegated (forced) to (on) me, and so I whipped up a very fancy vegan mushroom and tofurkey pizza. 

Not BSG-related, but delicious, nonetheless.
 After that, we watched the incredibly long finale, discussed how much we hated the ending, and I was able to settle down to wine and katamari.


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