Friday, January 7, 2011

The "I Write Like:" Test which I subject my writing to a very unscientific algorithm for no better reason than to stroke my ego...

So, I know that you all have probably heard about I Write Like, which takes a sample of your writing and, through some sort of witchcraft, outputs a writer with a similar writing style. For example, say you're a terrible writer, it'll probably spit out something like Stephanie Meyer. You get the idea.

So, for the sake of an easy blog post, I'm going to put a few of my posts into the machine and tell you who I write like, good or bad.

For my post, Bored in the Lab, I wrote like: ARTHUR C. (motherfucking) CLARKE 

Getting my favorite author on the first try certainly isn't bad. Though it might mean that my work is derivative of his...let's keep going.

For my story, The Missing, I wrote like: Neil Gaiman.

Not too shabby, though I do expect that the algorithm wouldn't tell me if my writing were laughably terrible (which I sometimes suspect it is).

Remember my Corny Star Wars Fanfic? That was written like: Dan Brown.

Dammit. Oh well, since I was deliberately writing that one poorly...nope, no excuses. My bad.

Okay, one more. This one I consider to be the epitome of my writing--this is my masterpiece. My favorite piece of my own writing is, unquestionably, The Gospel According to Thom.

Part 1: Cory Doctorow (Blogger and Scifi writer. Sorry Cory, had to look you up. I'm ashamed.)
Part 2: Dan Brown (again? Shit. Oh well, he gets published, I don't.)
Part 3: Kurt Vonnegut (Well, good.)

So, that's the end of the experiment. I'm not sure that we learned anything, but we had some fun doing it, right? I'm a little bit worried that in one, continuous story I wrote like three very distinct authors. It's either my fault for being inconsistent, or the site's fault for being unscientific. I'll blame the site.


Oh and just in case you were wondering, I put the entirety of this post into the analyzer and got Cory Doctorow as the result.

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