Monday, January 24, 2011

From the Sketchbook

...a tale of Dungeons, Dragons, and Lizardmen...

It may surprise you to learn (because I'm such a cool guy) that I'm also an experienced player of Dungeons and Dragons--a Dungeon Master, no less. From my apartment, I run a weekly game for several of my friends in which we battle monsters, save damsels, and make dick jokes about every monster we encounter. You see, that's the magic (no pun) of a completely open-ended game like D&D. In what other fantasy game could we board a boat called the S.S. Fellow Ship and mingle with its all-gay muscle-bound crew, take the ship to Pirate Island, brave the dreaded Twisty Caverns, and castrate the defeated lizardmen inside (the player's idea, not mine) to sell their prized genitalia on the black market?

But I'm not here to talk at length about the game, since you're probably not interested anyway. It is the lizardmen that have brought me here, but for a different reason. I have a sketch.

And while this may look like the Creature from the Black Lagoon (because it is), it is, in fact, a lizardman from my game.

Rather than play using the miniature figures which were so pushed by the Wizards of the Coast marketing department, I've devised my own system of play, using one inch square tokens, each adorned with a lovely portrait such as this. If anyone is interested in the system I use, I could post some more details about it (I think it's quite clever), but if not, I'll continue to occasionally post pictures of the minis I'm proud of.

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