Wednesday, January 19, 2011

News: My "New" Computer which I explain my absence...

First of all, I'd like to say thanks to all of you who visited from my twitter feed, especially to see my no-good Dune comic. Your support is really appreciated. Now that you're here, take a look around, stay a while.

In other news, my computer, my precious laptop, is no more.

It sounds dramatic, but I mean it in a sort of "Sure, Darth Vader killed Anakin Skywalker, but only in a vague metaphorical sense," kind of way. By that, I mean that the identity of my laptop has been destroyed, replaced by a shiny new OS and a clean hard drive. My old system was infested with more viruses than a.) an unprotected hooker, b.) a toxicology lab, or c.) a virus factory in Virus Town, you pick.

But now I'm back and faster than ever, but because of my computer woes, I haven't written anything or produced any art in several days. I haven't even been watching movies like I should.

In the meantime, here's another crappy comic about the hassles of a new computer. Enjoy, and see you soon.

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