Saturday, November 25, 2006

Trouble at Santiago Point

Part IV - Trouble at the Military Monastery

The lone Wizard stood in a field of grass looking at his sole possession, a crinkled bit of parchment, worn out long ago by too many readings. Waiting for today. The parchment told of a prophecy, of the coming of a messiah, of many things too cryptic to decipher. But one thing was was happening today, and not more than two meters from where the Wizard stood.

The field was empty, save some grass scattered with wildflowers and a single stone. The stone itself was nothing special; however, it marked a location whose significance only the Wizard truly knew. The messiah was to raise himself from his eternal sleep and arise at that very spot.

The Wizard, with white flowing beard and pointed hat, stood ready for the second coming of the man whose name was only given by a cryptic symbol, a single eye in a field of green.

The End(?)

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