Friday, November 17, 2006

Epic Limerick - The Secular Tragedy Part I of III

There lived a strange man in a zoo.
deamed of returning to Kathmandu.
he dreamed of his home
and he wrote many tomes
block print on sides of his shoe

the warden had found this odd
one day while feeding him cod
fish souffle was on par
con que esta en el mar
for the man with literature shod

a daring escape had been made
one evening in shadows and shade
a last hastened glance
for he'd left his pants
still in the cage where they'd laid

with captivity far behind
in a place where no one would find
his huddled shape
sharing cage with an ape
chewing on leftover rind

the plane set down with a thud
it seems they've landed in mud
with the gears all amuck
and the ball bearings stuck
the grand entrance looked like a dud

but the uncharted jungle awaits
stranded en route to kuwait
with a slash and a hack
he fights foliage back
and does so to this very date.

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