Saturday, February 9, 2008

Arslycus, a Scientological Epic

"This brick is mocking me, I'm sure of it"

I still find it funny that this was the last thought of my previous lifetime.

For nearly two thousand lifetimes (if you're reading this on Teegeack, that's about twenty-four thousand years), I had been polishing smooth what was to become a paving stone for the great intergalactic highway. Now, a hundred thousand lifetimes spent polishing the same stone may seem like a long time to a wog, but when you're not used to thinking in terms of the whole of your time track, anything past a single lifetime becomes inconceivable. I had just obtained a new body from the pawn, and I'll quickly remark here that the service was very fast. I had only died the day before, and with a fresh body, I began another lifetime of forced tedium.

Oh, I've not even mentioned where this was taking place. You've all been there in one lifetime or another, so I'll just briefly describe Arslycus. First, picture an enormous city which is built onto a flat plane. Then take thousands of such cities and stack them vertically until you have a complex which is roughly the size of a planet and, boom, you've got Arslycus, and there's no need for an atmosphere of course, the bodies which we were supplied with had no need for that. There were several other city-planets like it, but this one was by far the grandest. Since the production of planets had not yet begun, it was the center of the universe for its time. I say, "for its time", of course because Arslycus no longer exists, and I was there when it happened.

Let me remind you, at this time, the universe was fairly new. Many of my fellow thetans, bored with the constant uniformity of the theta universe, decided to create somewhere new--somewhere with some randomity. Thus the MEST universe (matter energy space time, I can't believe I have to explain that, just grab a tech dictionary if you come across an MU) was born. You all know the story, they didn't know what they were getting themselves into, nearly all of us were soon trapped within some kind of imprisoning body, and this paved the way for corruptors and suppressives to control our minds with the implants. Back to arslycus. There was a new thetan assigned to a brick ahead of me on the highway. He was brand new--first lifetime--still confused and frustrated about his position, and I could tell that there was something different about him, maybe the way his mind wasn't quite numbed like it should have been from the labor. So one day, he got an idea. All of a sudden, the bricks began to move. Everything began to drift backwards towards Arslycus, including ourselves. We felt a great acceleration towards the city, and soon the thousands of tiers of the city began to break apart under an unknown strain. There was nothing that we could do to stop it, and billions of thetans lost their bodies (including the spares waiting in the pawns) and were sent to the between-lives-area (Located very near Teegeack under the fourth planet). This incident was a complete mystery to me until my next lifetime, one which I spent on Teegeack, the prison planet, Earth. I realized finally that the destruction of Arslycus, the deaths of those thetans, and the rise of the planets was due to a simple thought. A thought which brought the concept of mass into the universe. With mass came gravity, and the great cities could not exist under the new strain.

--From auditing session 024409 of member 57300982

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