Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Obligatory Angry Political Blog Post

Alright, this is coming after many weeks of carefully watching the democratic process being thrown to the groumd, beaten severely about the head and neck, and then mercilessly defecated upon by none other than our own government.

This election is a joke, and if you've been following it at all, you already know what I mean. There are serious allegations of last night's New Hampshire primary being rigged in favor of hillary clinton, and most reports seem to be credible.

So the question is this: when the american people no longer have the ability to choose their leaders, then what's the point in calling the US a democracy?

Already hillary has a tremendous lead over obama, according to she has 183 delegates to obama's 78. And the vast majority of both of these candidate's votes are from state's whose primary elections haven't yet occurred. That's right, most of the candidates's delegate votes are not chosen by the American People. Gasp!

The reason we have these systems in place is partly due to the fact that, when the country was founded, people were dumb. That's right, even dumber than they are now. Hard to believe? It's true. A very large number of average people were illiterate farmers, who were seen by the political bourgeois as not being fit to choose leaders effectively. So they came up with a system in which the people would vote, but not for president. They would vote for the sole sake of suggesting to other people, the electoral college, who to vote for, and then those people would choose the president. Rather than taking the appropriate steps as society changed over the years and cutting out the middleman, it's clear that government is slowly realizing that they don't need to public's approval to run things anymore. (See bush's approval ratings over the last several years for evidence)

The horrible system of delegates and the electoral college are remnants of the past, and an easy way for the puppetmasters behind the forefront politicians to pull the strings on the unsuspecting american public. The average person on the street would most likely have no idea of the inner workings of the political systems at work, and I'm sure could barely explain how the electoral college system works.

Which brings me to my final point. Who is to blame here? Is it the politicians, running under the facade of a free and fair system, or the public constituency who allow it to keep happening? The vast majority of americans will agree that the last 7 years have been a terrible mess, with the "war" in the middle east, the unprecedented national deficits, the inflation and soon to occur recession, and the outright lies that we are fed on a daily basis by our own administration. People should be outraged.

They're not.

We should be rioting in the streets for just one tenth of the atrocities which have been committed in the sake of "freedom" and the "fight against terrorism". For one, Bush and Cheney should have been called to impeachment hearings during the first term. If clinton faced hearing for having an extramarital affair and lying about it, then those two should have been hanged for war crimes and treason a very long time ago.

The fact that we don't have open revolt could be the product of two scenarios: either we're just unbearably peaceful as a nation, and refuse to speak out against our malefactors, or it could be that we are just passive-aggressively complacent and apathetic towards these crimes. If the latter case turns out to be true, then I fear there may be no future for the american people other than social domination and totalitarianism.

For another take on this subject, consult this article from the Onion.


  1. Geez, What an angry young man. If the system is so unfair, why aren't the players so affected by this protesting?

  2. Our country was formed and owned by rich white land-owners, and the same goes for today but instead of land-owners they are called politicians.