Friday, December 29, 2006


...the royal handicap was set to nought divided by zero equals one thing we all have in common room is a nice place to have dinner will be served at the usual time for one more thing from the movie on the top shelf broken from the weight of the books another criminal and the city is made safe containing gold and silver at the back of the vault was nearly eight feet have been in the shoes all day to get some shopping done with my homework and ready to go to bed of beautiful roses and pansies from texas telling me how to live my life on the sea can be quite difficult shot here on the par four maids went about their work after the butler had entered the tunnel and we all make a wish that Kenneth will return from the great war made upon thy neighbors all gathered around the scene of the crime that prices have gone so high until it was made sure that the royal handicap was set to nought divided by zero equals...

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